Prepare Enrich Couples Counseling

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Are you currently satisfied with your relationship?

Are you aware of the strengths and areas in need of growth in your relationship?

Are you satisfied with the communication between you and your partner?

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If you answered no to any of these questions, you need to take a Prepare/Enrich Couples Assessment.

Prepare/Enrich provides seriously dating/cohabitating, engaged, and married couples with a comprehensive assessment which highlights the strengths and areas in need of growth in their relationship.

After responding to several assessment statements, the couple will be provided with a comprehensive assessment that helps the facilitator offer the couple activities and strategies to improve their areas in need of growth and reinforce their strengths.

It’s LGBTQIA+ and culturally friendly.
There is also a Faith and non-Faith based option.

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Couples must commit to attend 6-8 weeks for 60 or 90 minute sessions.

Fees and costs

The initial session is $250 Special price $200

Assessment Fee $35

6 or 8 Week Session Fee: $200 Updated price $150 per session, when paid weekly

Package plans must be paid in full prior to the initial session

Package 1 6 weeks $1,285 $850  (Includes 1 Initial session, assessment fee, individualized couple report and 6- 60 minute sessions).

Best package - Package 2: 8 Weeks $1,635 $1,150 (Includes 1 initial session, assessment fee, individualized couple report and 8- 90 minute sessions).

                                            Package 3: Assessment Only - $185. This includes taking the assessment and a one time 90 minute couples session to discuss the results.

                                                                        *Additional follow-up sessions would default to the per week session amount listed above.

This program is not covered by insurance companies, therefore, couples must be honest with themselves when deciding to invest in their relationship to ensure that they are able to fully commit to the process. Couples will be provided with brief assignments that may be completed prior to or during each session, therefore, it is important that both are fully committed to see this process through to the end of the recommended amount of sessions.

Sample Report

Prepare Enrich Sample Report

Anjail Ameen-Rice has been successfully supporting couples remain together for over 10 years. This program provides the additional support of providing couples with strategies that are rooted in research which is currently being used by over 200,000 other facilitators all over the world. Each couple will receive a customized report that is generated based on their responses during the computerized assessment.

Let's get you started!

When you are ready to enroll in Prepare Enrich's program, reach out to Anjail at 347-503-8625 or email [email protected]

*This program is only for couples that are serious about improving their relationships and are ready to fully commit to the process.*

Anjail Ameen-Rice, LCSW-R

Certified Prepare Enrich Facilitator

Anjail : Phone: 347-503-8625 or email [email protected]

For additional information about check out Prepare Enrich's website below.